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Art Class

Frances Elsayed is the Art Class teacher for Sunflower Child Care and she has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education in Brooklyn College.

She believes that young children are capable of learning and thinking beyond the scope of the ā€œ3 R’sā€. The Art Class program will be based on museum art and related children’s books; this will encourage, develop and teach about literacy, imagination and critical thinking.

Since Art is everywhere and around us, everyday knowledge will be inserted in our lessons daily. A painting or an artwork will be introduced and each child is encouraged to ask questions in order to fully take in the details of the painting. In this part, your child will learn new words and their meanings.

Finally, students will be asked create their own version of the art they have just learned about in their full capacity. All sorts of art materials will be provided for them and will be given encouragement and praise in order for them to have inspiration, creativity and most of all, fun. Each student will be asked to name their artwork afterward.

During Frances’ discussions, each child will be asked questions in order to gauge their progression in the world of literacy, critical thinking and imagination. For children who are not able to speak yet, they will be asked to point out a certain part of the artwork in order to know if they are listening and are receptive of the kind of lessons that are given.

At the end of each month, parents will receive their child’s artwork and a recap of the lessons, books and artworks used so that they will be aware of the activities we have been doing.