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COVID Protocols

Health and Safety Protocol.

We understand we operate a valuable service in our community and we following the guidance and regulations and take care to maintain our safe, healthy environment for children, families and staff.
We have enhanced our Health and Safety Protocols

Protective masks:

Face coverings are required for adults.
Please note, if required by law or child care licensing, children will also be required to wear face coverings.

Taking temperature:
We are now screening all staff members, children and parents upon arrival to school.
And will keep the daily log of their temperature or evident symptoms. Anybody with the higher than normal temperature will not be allowed to attend.

Limited classroom Access:

To curb the spread of germs and control group size we prohibit non essential visitors on site. Parents and family members will not be entering the premises. Children will be taken from outside by the entrance door by the staff members. We ask all the parents not to leave the strollers to decrease exposure . It will help us keep the place disinfected. Please bring changing shoes and extra clothes for toddlers.
We will change child’s shoes before entering the main space.
Parents are supposed to call 10 minutes before arrival for child’s pick up.
Providers will get the child ready to leave

Enhanced Health Practices:

Employees/staff and children must perform hand hygiene immediately upon entering the program. Teachers will wear scrubs or clothes designated just for the premises.
Staff and children will be required to practice and strengthen our existing
cleanness and hygiene.
• Upon arrival to the first program activity, more frequent hand washing, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces and items in the class , daily clean and disinfect equipment and toys . Limit childrenfrom using toys that can’t be cleaned/sanitized (e.g. dress-up clothes, puppets).

For the nap time every child will have individual clean bed covering set available in separate ziplock bag. Every parent should be responsible to return clean bed/mat sets every Monday.

Mats and cuts should be cleaned daily, after nap time.

Wellness Checks:

Regular wellness checks are being conducted throughout the day. The parents of unwell children are notified immediately so they can be picked up as soon as possible.Should that occur, please be sure to pick up your child promptly for their wellbeing, and to help us limit the spread of illness.

If a child or their household member becomes symptomatic for COVID-19 and/or tests positive, Immediately notify Sunflower administration about positive test result.
Child must quarantine and may not return or attend the child care until after quarantine is complete.

If any parent is exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or has been tested and is positive for the virus, he/she cannot pick up the child. Please authorize an emergency person’s information who will come to pick up the child. As a “close contact,” the child must not return to the child care for the duration of the quarantine.