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Our Best Pick Daycare

Picking a daycare is such an important decision. First you have to figure out how often will your child be there…do you work full time? Do you only need half days to get things done around the house, and to run errands? Do you need early bird or after hour care? At what age will you put your child in daycare? Are you putting your child in daycare for the socialization aspect of it? Whatever the reason, you definitely want to make sure it is one of the best around. Things like child safety, adult/child ratio, caring staff, educating activities, teaching method, field trips, and policies are all important things you should look into when finding the perfect daycare for your little one. Here are a few of our best picks for best daycare that offer a range of classes for infants to young kids, early bird and after hour schedules, and most important a lot of love, attention, and encouraging staff members.

Natalie’s Sunflower Child Care

This is a great option for those moms who have to get back to work. Babies as young as three months are able to be enrolled, and children up until four can attend Natalie’s. The classes include infant, toddler, and preschool, as well as dance, music, and movement classes. Because of the diversity of ages, the younger and older children are able to interact and play together encouraging relationships among all the children. Lastly, a huge bonus about Natalie’s is the commitment to health. Organic breakfasts and snacks are served everyday! One draw back is it can be pretty pricey, but it is totally worth it and lets face it our children deserve the best! The infant/toddler program offers three locations…two in Park Slope and one in Carroll Gardens. The preschool program offers five locations (two in Park Slope, two in Carroll Gardens, and one in Prospect Heights)! So select the most convenient location for you and schedule a walk through of their facilities.

Tutor Time

Tutor Time also offers a range of classes…infant (as young as 6 weeks), toddler, twaddler, prepper, preschool, pre-kindergarten, and before and after school programs for children ages 6-12, as well as summer camp. They really focus on encouraging your child to grow cognitively, physically, socially, and emotionally, and achieve this through hands on activities and learning taught and supervised by knowledgeable and experienced teachers. also a little pricey in comparison to in-home care, but again is worth every penny!

The Learning Experience

Like Tutor Time, The Learning Experience is a franchise daycare. However, it still has everything to offer to your child and more! The indoor play space is amazing, the teacher/child ratio is great, and the facility is so clean. When it comes to the infant class, teachers are dressed in fresh and CLEAN scrubs…so dont worry about outdoor germs making its way into the classroom. Children – from infants to pre-kindergarten – are all given the necessary components such as attention and encouragement to learn and grow cognitively, physically, emotionally, and socially at the Learning Center.