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Daruma Martial Arts Class

The Daruma Martial Arts children’s program is designed to teach self-control, respect, coordination and physical as well as mental fitness.

Children’s martial arts training at Daruma involves lots of direct attention and encouragement. The instructor leads children through a carefully planned class designed to develop balance, strength, body awareness and technical ability. The children are encouraged to address the instructor with politeness, responding to questions with “yes sir!” or “no sir!” and are always reminded to say “thank you, sir” when helped. This also encourages students to maintain a courteous attitude outside of class.

Classes are 30 minutes for children ages 6 and under, and 45 minutes for ages 7 and up.

Upon starting their martial arts journey, every new student receives a white belt and a class card on which their attendance and merits are noted. Three stars on your card equal one new stripe on your belt. Eight stripes on your belt means it is time to graduate to the next belt level. This system encourages the children to behave and focus as well as positively reinforcing them with regular progression.

Partaking in martial arts training can be one of the most beneficial investments in a child’s development and confidence. Children who train in martial arts are better equipped to handle social pressures, have more confidence and take on new challenges with gusto.