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Fees and Policy

Sunflower Child Care Policies
Natalia – 646 642 3439
Lolita – 347 241 3771

Sunflower opens at 8.00 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m. SHARP. Early bird drop off is at 7:45 A.M. We must be notified in advance. Departure from 6:00 P.M. incurs lateness charge-$10 every 15 minutes starting at 6:00 P.M. Late fees are payable directly to caregiver at pick-up.

We provide Part-time and Full-time schedules. Our Part time daily schedule is divided in two 5-hour blocks. First block is from 8a.m. to 1p.m., second block is from 1p.m. to 6p.m. Full time is considered to be at least 8 hrs.a day


For children over 2 years old:

  • 10 hrs/week – $720 a month
  • 15 hrs/week – $990 a month
  • 20 hrs/week – $1320 a month
  • 25 hrs/week – $1500 a month
  • 30 hrs/week – $1710 a month
  • 35 hrs/week – $1890 a month
  • 40 hrs/week – $2040 a month
  • 45 hrs/week – $2170 a month
  • 50 hrs/week – $2250 a month

For children under 2 years old:

  • 10 hrs/week – $790 a month
  • 15 hrs/week – $1045 a month
  • 20 hrs/week – $1390 a month
  • 25 hrs/week – $1580 a month
  • 30 hrs/week – $1730 a month
  • 35 hrs/week – $1920 a month
  • 40 hrs/week – $2080 a month
  • 45 hrs/week – $2190 a month
  • 50 hrs/week – $2280 a month

If schedule you need is different from given in the time table, (for example: 16hrs or 37hrs /week) please contact us for the monthly fee. The monthly fee is a flat fee and will reflect 52 weeks a year divided by 12 months. In order to reduce your category or change the hours Sunflower must be notified one month in advance in written form.

You can change your category once a month and one category down only. (For example, you cannot switch category A to C at once. You will need to switch your category from A to B the first month, and from category B to C next month, and so on) You will be billed monthly.

If you bring or pick up your child at time beyond your schedule you will be charged extra, 1.5 of your hourly rate. Extra hours/extra day: 1.5 hourly rate. Invoices are due on the 29th of every month for the following month.

Extra hours for the month will be added to your following month invoice.(For example:The extra hours for May will be added to July’s invoice) Late payment fee of $25 will be added to the next invoice. In case of a bounced check there will be $25 fee. After two bounced checks your payment will be accepted in cash only. PROMPT PAYMENT IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! One-month deposit (cash only) and first month tuition fee are required upon enrollment. Tuition fee is non-refundable. Deposit with two-months written notice will be applied to your last month payment. Your deposit is forfeited with less than two-months notice

Transition: Sunflower will schedule 2 transitional weeks before child starts his/her regular schedule. Transitional fee is 1.5 hourly rate. As we request first month payment upon the registration , you will receive the prorated bill on the third month of care.( For example:If the first month in day care was in September, pro- rated fee will be for the month of November.)

The fee remains the same regardless of absences, holidays or vacation.

Vacation: The fee remains the same.
Absence: The fee remains the same.

Holidays: Sunflower is closed: New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, Martin Luther King’s Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving weekend, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Juneteenth and 4th of July. We will be close on Monday if holiday falls on weekend. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we close at 4 P.M. The monthly fee remains the same.

We will notify you in advance. It will be 2 days in August. During recess staff are required to attend trainings or complete administration tasks.

During pandemic/quarantine, when/if Sunflower will not be able to operate, Sunflower Policy will be frozen, which means your contract cannot be changed/adjusted until Sunflower reopens and children returns to daycare.

The first week (5 business days) of a such event you will be charged 100% of your monthly fee. After first week and until Sunflower is back to operation you will be charged 25% of your fee to cover part of business monthly expenses. These fees are not refundable. If during pandemic/quarantine parents do not pay 25% fee, we will consider it as contract termination. In this case you lose the deposit. If for some personal reasons, after service was resumed, and you postpone child’s attendance, administration must be notified in written form. During the absence, 50% of tuition fee will be charged each month.

Inclement Weather: In case of inclement weather, Sunflower will follow the Public School schedule. If NYC schools are closed, so is Sunflower. If schools open late, we will open late.

If inclement weather occurs during NYC school break , use your best judgment. Also, we will notify all parents via HIMAMA app. Fee remains the same.

Parents must provide diapers, wipes, ointments, and a full change of clothes, formula and baby food(for infant care). All your child’s belongings MUST BE labeled Sunflower provides meal for children eating solid foods. We provide curriculum for PRE-K and toddlers. And additional classes such as music and movement. Art is always present.

In accordance with the NYC health code all children must be current with their immunizations. Medical forms must be up to the date. Parents are responsible to update child’s medical record we have if child receives any vaccine, to update child’s medical record every year during the doctor’s appointment after child’s birthday, and inform providers about any health changes. PLEASE do not send your child with a contagious illness. Please refer to the sick policy on the home page of our website. We will not admit any child with fever, persistent cough, unexplained rash or other obvious contagious illness! Children with running nose, on antibiotic treatment may attend. Always keep your child’s emergency card information up to date and make sure emergency contacts are aware of being on the list.

Sunflower can not administrate any medicine.
We may add or change any terms of the Policy any time.Parents will receive a notice if /when and how the change will take an effect.

By signing this Policy, I/ We the Parent(s) of ______________________________________ hereby and agree to all of the terms, aspects of the above-stated contract.
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