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Advantages of Early Childhood Education

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Welcome to Sunflower Child Care

The goal of Sunflower Child Care is to produce happy, intelligent and well-adjusted children. It is also our aim to help them develop a healthy sense of self-worth that will allow them to take risks and chances that is inevitably essential in the learning process.

We believe that play, when skillfully supervised, is the basis of childhood and an important part of developing physical, cognitive, social and emotional skills.

Here you will find a nurturing, educational environment for children of ages 3 months to 4 years. Because of this multi-aged, home-like setting for children, there are many opportunities for interaction among all the different ages of Sunflower students.

Younger children join the play of their older peers and engage in social connections that lead to satisfying and long lasting friendships. Together, they learn compassion, patience, and cooperation.